• 2009

Company Description

(e) Science News is a Canada-based online platform that scans all updated sources around the web by AIs.

(e) Science News is an online platform, ensuring its users have access to the latest and popular science breakthroughs. It is powered by the (e) news engine, a fully automated artificial intelligence. (e) Science News constantly surfs the web to gather, regroup, categorize, tag, and rank science news from all science news sources. (e) Science News computes relationships between science articles and news found on the web using a vector space model and hierarchical clustering. It then automatically determines in which category each news item belongs using a Naive Bayes classifier. Finally, it examines multiple parameters for each news group. The result is an (e) score which represents the relative importance of a news item. (e) Science News was built and is maintained by Michael Imbeault, currently post-doc in Dr Didier Trono’s lab. It is based in Quebec, Canada.