• 2014

Company Description

#ensightz is a U.K.-based startup that offers its users with communications supports, report writing, and data visualization services.

Why ? At #ensightz, we want to change the world … and we know how to. We have started #ensightz to bring unprecedented quality of insights into the healthcare sector. By providing healthcare companies with fast, accurate and integrated intelligence, we are empowering industries that have a direct impact on the world of care, to focus on the quality of life of the patients worldwide. It is the ‘help you, help the world’ model that has brought so many benefits to the world in the past, and at #ensightz, we want to bring this model to new heights. Working with #ensightz, as a client or as an associate, means sharing our vision to the fullest. How ? We have operated in the world markets long enough to understand that the times of consulting, based on reputation alone are long gone. ‘Too big to fail’ has been proven wrong so many times, and we know we are living a new era: The era of ‘Too good to fail’ and ‘Too motivated to fail’. Our #business model is wrapped around the belief that technology is reshaping the world in ways unprecedented in our history and faster than ever before. At #ensightz we understand technology at a core level and we surround ourselves with people that share our knowledge and views of the world by empowering transparent and modern communication and collaboration. Who ? At #ensightz we only work with the best. The task is surely not the easiest one, but we fully leverage technology in our favor. We might liaise with business consultants from Switzerland, programmers from Romania, statisticians from Germany, graphic designers from Spain and researchers from … everywhere. Our business model has crowd-sourcing, technology, transparency and collaboration embedded in its DNA. What better way to change the world if not to call upon it?! Some of us might have strange working hours or might need hugs from time to time and some of us are just plain weird. But all of us have the knowledge, strength and passion to provide greatness at any level or process. We do tend to text too much …