• 2009 October 01

Company Description

[+startup] is a job search website focused on job opportunities in Brazilian startups.

[+startup] is a job search website focused on Brazilian startups. [+startup]'s value proposition is help (i) startups to build their main asset (their team!) and (ii) professionals to find the startups they believe that change the world and apply to be part of the team. In Brazil, [+startup] is pioneer on offering a job website for these group. And this has been relevant to a country where job websites focus on established companies, startups are in trouble to recruit skilled technical and business professionals and job applicants don't have penetration on a small group of informal recruiting. For startups and applicants, the service will be always completely free. The idea is to retain a community on the website and come up with discussions about working on startups vs. established ones. In the future (Q3-2010) [+startup] will launch a more complete service, complementary to job listing and for these one, freemium logic will enable [+startup]'s existance.