• 2018 January 13

Company Description

ZIG is a disruptive and revolutionary mobile media technology platform that delivers content to users in a way they’ve never seen before.

ZIG (ZIG Media Inc.) is a mobile media technology platform. Its first product, an iOS app focused on the pop-culture space, launched on January 13, 2018. The company was founded by entrepreneurs, Joshua James, Adam Platzner and John Tornow. Founding investors include the global entertainment conglomerate Live Nation, former Vanity Fair Editor Graydon Carter, CAA founder and NBC Universal Vice Chairman Ron Meyer, legendary music producer Quincy Jones and Billionaire Investor Vivi Nevo among others. ZIG is a disruptive and revolutionary platform that makes consuming, sharing and reacting to news easier and more efficient. Its technology automatically distills articles into pictures and videos. And then places that content into a personalized stream, where users can view content in real-time. The consumer app product intuitively knows who you care about, serving only the content users seek. A patent pending feature within the app allows users to post physical reactions to content and then share that reaction across their existing social media footprint. ZIG disrupts the old school publisher model, transforming how information is delivered and consumed. ZIG’s parent company, ZIG Media, is a mobile media technology company that creates products which transform and disrupt the global media landscape. ZIG enables people to consume, share, and react to content in a way that prioritizes images and video over words. It addresses both a worldwide time famine and the general need to consume information efficiently. The platform’s underlying technology makes for a personalized, easy experience that eliminates noise and focuses only on what’s important to an individual user. ZIG's products optimize content consumption while driving traffic to publishers and social media outlets.