• 2013 June 05

Company Description

Participation platform that allows organizations to drive actions with incentives

ZigaVite helps sales people reach engagement with their prospects and customers using incentive based email invitations, that get noticed, opened and responded. As a result, sales cycles get shorter, customer acquisition cost decreases, sales staff satisfaction increases and training and recruiting costs decline. Soon, reading ''You've got a ZigaVite'' in your email subject line will spur brand recognition, excitement and curiosity. Recipients will wonder, what Thank You item is being provided in this ZigaVite invitation? Or maybe a client, vendor or co-worker just received a ZigaVite gift of appreciation for a recent order or job well done? Want to invite clients or prospects to your skybox? Send a ZigaVite. Want to invite a list of leads to a phone call and individually schedule them on different days and times? Send a ZigaVite. Want to send a loyal customer a birthday gift? Send a ZigaVite. Want to get the attention of a high value prospect by including a Thank You item of cigar of the month club? Send a ZigaVite. Want to incentivize people to complete a survey? Send a ZigaVite. Want to encourage people to attend your webinar? Send a ZigaVite. You've got the idea. Now get in on the next big thing and become an investor. Do you think someone like Groupon would like the ZigaVite platform? We do. Plus, a host of other companies that will see the value of this first to market B2B model.