• 2013 October 01

Company Description

ZigZagZurich is a vertically integrated brand of home textiles sold directly online, supporting artists and designers globally.

ZigZagZurich is a vertically integrated manufacturer and supplier of home textiles and accessories. By controlling the chain of supply from raw fabric to finished goods, we are able to offer locally manufactured products that use the finest materials, with unique designs and collections, whilst offering our customers true value for money. We skip the fancy marketing promotions and expenses, we prefer to invest that in our products for our customers. Our main production facilities in Italy mean we have direct control over what we produce, how its produced and under what conditions our goods are manufactured unlike many others producing in the Far East and beyond. We also use sustainable weaving mills for fabrics such as Baby Alpaca which support the local community. Our belief in ZigZagZurich came about from over 20 years in the Architecture and Design Industry and seeing what consumers wanted but not offered. From things to offering a massive colour palette to luxury finishes, these were things we wanted to offer. This ethos then led to our goal of launching a business truly dedicated to providing a curated range of home textiles, from plain collections through to artist driven collections. Our goal is to offer a truly diverse range of designs and products that have not been seen before in the home. Unlike most other brands with a strict commercial goal, ZigZagZurich is a new way of working with artists and illustrators of the next generation, connecting them to a wider consumer market which is clearly interested in less commerce but more art and design with simple attention to detail and quality, exquisite design and fair price. We work with artists from a broad spectrum covering fine art, digital, illustration, avant-garde – we have no boundaries. And you, the consumer get to enjoy them in your home. Design and Quality from Switzerland, lovingly made in Italy.