• 2011 November 01

Company Description

Ziliot provides relevant business information and knowledge to organizations and individuals through modern social media solutions.

The basis of ZILIOT lies in the lack of relevant business information and knowledge concerning customers and other players in the markets as well as cultural, political, social, economical, juridical and environmental issues between these different worlds. This information gap creates uncertainty and mistrust which hinders the trade and relations but at the same time it also creates great business, professional and developmental opportunities for those who are open to change and interaction – that is our people exactly. Our mission is to learn and improve all the time. We utilize the best solutions of the modern social media. ZILIOT will be most fun, interesting and effective networking tool. It will bring organizations and individuals of the different worlds together. It will produce new opportunities, new learning, new knowledge, new trust, new innovations, new start-ups, new partners, new trade and new welfare both in individual, organizational as well as in the macro level.