• 2007 April 01

Company Description

ZinkoTek develops and commercializes toy systems for children.

In April of 2007, four partners came together to found ZinkoTek based on their common vision of a construction system that provides both educational and entertainment value to children. One key element of the system is the basic design, which is meant to grow in complexity as the child grows. The four partners bring a wealth of experience in entrepreneurship to the organization. The Chief Finance Officer, Aaron Weinstock, is a new business development specialist with a vision for making new companies successful. Inventor John Sinisi, a real-life version of Tom Hanks†character in the movie “Big”, brings 25 years of experience in industrial design, mechanical engineering, and manufacturing to the development of the ZinkoTek construction system. A 25 year toy industry product development and marketing expert, Steve Cohen is responsible for ZinkoTekâ€s Marketing and Sales. Ramiro Gomez brings to ZinkoTek a wealth of experience and knowledge with past roles in industrial engineering and manufacturing as well as production.