• 2010

Company Description

ZinMobi intelligent mobile marketing software delivers instant revenue and profitable growth for retail and fast food groups.

ZinMobi is a mobile marketing success story. They have evolved from a group of people with an ambitious vision into the company that has arguably the smartest, yet simplest, process for generating immediate revenue and sustained growth for retail organisations. They’ve achieved this by creating a breakthrough mobile marketing and messaging technology platform and because they have a simple philosophy based on the following core principles: - Ensuring that the mobile messages their clients send are available to the majority of consumers – not the minority with bleeding-edge technology - Always looking for the most effective way of capturing data for each of their clients - Always looking to find ways to improve the process so that each action converts to more revenue and profit for their customers - Putting ROI at the core of their solution. It’s not about being flashy, it’s about delivering results Their clients have chosen us because they make it really easy for them to generate revenue. The combination of revenue ready data and behaviour-driven profiling provides everything a customer needs to run a highly targeted and successful campaign.