• 1970

Company Description

Zinsser Analytic is a company in customized automation.

ZINSSER ANALYTIC was founded by Werner Zinßer in 1970 in Frankfurt, to market chemicals and supplies for liquid scintillation counting. In 1971 an injection-blow moulded scintillation vial was developed. This was the first plastic scintillation vial to be produced with a uniform wall thickness, seamless bottom and a gas tight self-sealing cap. Under the trade name “Polyvial” this vial became the quality standard for scintillation vials worldwide. Since then millions have been produced every year. In 1976 the first plastic miniature vials for scintillation counting was produced. Under the name “Minis” they are now used extensively, especially in Europe and Japan. The “Minilabor”, a micro scale laboratory “kit in a case” was introduced to the market in 1989, introducing semimicro-scale Chemistry for research and education. Minilabor is now in use for chemistry education in schools and universities in Germany, Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Switzerland, Turkey and many other countries all over the world. With steady growth of the Company, 1979 saw the Analytical Instruments Division set-up to market and service scintillation counters and HPLC instrumentation. The Instruments Division entered 1984 with the introduction of automatic pipetting systems to the market for liquid handling. As a distributor for Tecan, Switzerland more than 500 complete systems were installed between 1984 and 1992. Most of these were built for very special applications with very specific software. The Company has provided the first fully automatic systems for HIV testing in blood banks (1985), the first multiple peptide synthesizer (SMPS 350 in 1989) and pioneered the automation of PCR-based tests in clinical diagnosis (1995). ZINSSER ANALYTIC (UK) LTD. was formed in 1983 to manufacture liquid scintillation cocktails, plastic scintillators and special liquid handling systems. Under the trade names “Quickszint”, “Quicksafe” and “Aquasafe” many different scintillation cocktails are marketed in Europe. Plastic scintillators for neutron, alpha and beta detectors and high energy physics applications are sold to research laboratories and industrial companies all over the world. In 1989, the production of the unique peristaltic dispenser system “Perifill” and “Trayscanner” commenced. In 1992, Werner Zinßer started a new company, ILS Innovative Labor Systeme GmbH in Stützerbach with 3 experts in micro syringes and micro glassware. The Company produces micro syringes, valves and OEM-parts for liquid handling systems. The company is growing consistently. In 2004 the sales organisation ZINSSER NA was formed with 2 partners for the exclusive distribution and support of Zinsser Analytic´s automatic systems. A staff of 6 persons (3 sales & support, 1 marketing, 2 service) are promoting successfully the company in the USA to the major pharma and chemistry companies.