• 2013 July 27

Company Description

Free cloud payroll, HR, and attendance for your business. All 50 states. Paystubs. Paychecks. Tax forms. Legal templates. All for FREE!

Zipier takes the complex task of tracking your company's pay, tax, attendance, and benefits, then merges it with up-to-the-minute federal and state regulations. Zipier tracks when your people worked, tracks their leave, sends out pay stubs, and even calculates their taxes and benefits for all 50 states. What your company gets is simple cloud based logins for everyone with no updates, backups, or compliance to worry about -- and it's ready-to-go the second you login. PLUS, with Zipier's built in support, if you ever find yourself in a tough spot, just chat with our online experts, and let them work through the problem with you. Best of all, Zipier costs you NOTHING. That's right, it's absolutely FREE! - Free setup. - Free month-to-month. - Free to add as many staff as you like. - Free support. - Free private, secure, super fangled analytics.