• 2014

Company Description

ZKYON is the world's first Content Exchange.

ZKYON is the world’s first content exchange, a combination of a rich content marketplace and a multimedia platform. By providing the world’s content creators with powerful tools that enables them to monetize and gain on their digital content, ZKYON will increase the numbers of creators and content quality dramatically - the result is a high quality, AD-FREE, user driven media platform. ZKYON provides a financial eco-system and unique payment methods for monetization of content. Robust publishing tools allows the creation of everything from multi-media articles, video streaming to downloads of media. ZKYON delivers an interest centric, full media environment which allows users to filter content by chosen topic and/or individual. It also supports individual customization of your news feeds based on your interests and an amazing content discovery atmosphere. Their revolutionary filter features will make sure that you’ll never miss a single piece of great content. Readers will enjoy the greatest quality content while sharing and evolving within their interests while creators will be able to monetize their creativity, knowledge and experience.

  • Manufacturer:

    Media and Entertainment
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  • Founders:

    Pelle Ljungwall
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    Anckargripsgatan 3
  • CEO:

    • Pelle Ljungwall
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