• 2012 May 01

Company Description

zLense offers 3d scanning technology.

zLense is the world's first depth mapping camera. It is a unique digital lens add-on to professional broadcast and film cameras. The technology enables producers and filmmakers to utilise VR and AR effects in real time and recorded TV and video productions, both in studio and on location. The zLense Virtual Production platform drastically lowers the cost of visual effects in film and TV productions. The technology is based on 1.5 years of R&D and IP that combines depth sensing (ToF sensor) technology and image processing into a standalone camera rig that captures the 3D scene and camera movement, eliminating costly match moving work, and streamlining the 3D compositing process. It opens up a host of new possibilities for filmmakers, enabling medium and low budget productions to employ VFX techniques currently available only to high budget film projects. Based on the same platform we also develop a real time on-set previsualization product as well as a virtual studio solution for TV studios enabling virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) formats to be developed cost effectively.