Company Description

Premium Content Monetization Platform

Znak it! is a monetization solution for content providers, Web users and advertisers. Znak it! supports all formats and sizes of content, it does not requires any application downloads or system integration and gives 100% freedom in deciding which part of the webpage will be behind the payment gate. It can work right from content providerâ€s site, as an embeddable link or widget (several widget types and formats to choose from). Or, the content can be submitted for publication on our webpage. Thanks to Znaks - the virtual currency pre-paid by users - the platform is safe and reliable. If the premium content meets users†expectations, and they choose to access it for a fee, publisher collects up to 96% of generated revenue, sent to him once a month or more often, depends on volume. Znak it! has been design to benefit online advertisers as well - users can “earn” access to the content by clicking on a sponsoring ad first.