• 2014 November 14

Company Description

Connecting the global stories of Africa, ZNews Africa, provides access to more than 100 reliable news sources in both English and French.

News Africa is a brand that creates and curates cool stories about the African diaspora. We tell and share great content through our mobile app, newsletter and website. Our mission is to close the African perception gap by making it easer to find and enjoy great narratives that cover technology, entrepreneurship, culture, economic development and health, rather than the limited lens of poverty, corruption and war. We craft original content on znewsafrica.com. ZNewsletter, our weekly email of curated stories, reaches thousands of readers across the world. Produced and developed in-house, our full-featured ZNews Africa mobile app provides the latest news across Africa from more than 160 global news sources, in both English and French. ZNews Africa is a selected member of Facebook, Google, Microsoft’s accelerator programs for tech startups. ZNews Africa is the flagship brand of ZMedia Tech Group, a media + tech company that builds tech products for the global market of the African diaspora.