• 2012

Company Description

Zocere, Inc. is generation next in stroke therapeutics.

Zocere, Inc. is a New Mexico-based biotech company that is developing novel therapeutics for neurological diseases, including stroke, and offering services to other entities developing stroke-related diagnostics and treatments. We have licensed patented technology for a derivative of the brain-specific STEP protein, tyrosine phosphatase, developed at the University of New Mexico. This technology is the foundation for a novel, generation next therapeutic treatment of stroke that shows promise of becoming the first injectable neuroprotectant drug in the market. Zocere, Inc. wants to change this. We are developing generation next of stroke therapeutics. One of our drugs has the potential of being the first neuro-protectant on the market. Halting damage. Saving lives.

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    Science and Engineering
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    801 University Blvd., SE Suite 100
    Albuquerque, NM
    United States
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