• 2017 February 01

Company Description

Zoe finds your ideal, elite financial advisor. Instant, customized matching algorithm. Top financial advisors in the United States.

Zoe connects people with the ideal elite financial advisor. The advisors on the platform are all thoroughly vetted to ensure you are not dealing with a sales person, but rather with an expert. Only the top 5% of the advisors we interview make it into our network. Curated matching: We understand that finding trusted financial advice is difficult, which is why we have handpicked financial advisors. Since our financial advisors operate independently, they are not tied or biased towards any particular family of funds, investment product or insurance company. They are held to the highest standards of care & are required to act in the best interests of their clients at all times. Our core values are: Integrity - talent is important, but having a strong moral compass is essential. Client-focused - our top priority is to educate & empower our clients to make better financial decisions. We strive to deliver the best client experience in the industry. Growth mindset - we strive to continuously grow professionally, intellectually and personally. Innovation - we are redesigning the way personal finance is done, so originality and creativity are in our DNA. Data-driven - at Zoe we make decisions that are data-driven and always strive for intellectual honesty.