• 2010

Company Description

ZoeMob provides a mobile family safety service that enables users to monitor their family's whereabouts through smartphones and tablets.

ZOEMOB: YOUR FAMILY SAFETY SERVICE ZoeMob provides a mobile family safety service based on tablets and smartphones designed for parents who wish to ensure their children and family members are protected and safe anytime, anywhere, and personal users looking for a reliable mobile device service for protect their personal data and privacy. ZoeMob was founded by Daniel Avizu and Helio Freitas. They are two experienced Internet software enginner and Internet business professional who met at AOL Latin America joint venture and later they have worked in other big technology and media companies for more than 10 years. ZoeMob main features: - Symbian, Android, IOS and Blackberry* compatibiliy - Full localization and tracking monitor - Driving safety features (alerts and actions) - Geo fence (alerts and actions) - Callback - Full Remote control - Direct Message broadcasting - Facebook integration - Device content monitoring - Security features (lock, wipe, alarm, panic buttom)