• 2015 November 01

Company Description

Zoey is a premium eCommerce platform built from Magento Community Edition that helps ambitious merchants grow their businesses.

Zoey is a premium eCommerce platform designed for ambitious merchants that are focused on sales growth. Zoey is built from Magento Community Edition, but reimagined for merchants. This means that Zoey has hundreds of enterprise grade features, but it’s also easy enough for a first-time merchant to use. Some of the features that make Zoey the best eCommerce platform for ambitious, high-growth brands include: - Drag and drop design tools that allow merchants to create fully customized designs without writing any code - Enterprise grade analytics designed specifically for eCommerce businesses - Highly versatile product, promotions, shipping and store management tools that give merchants more freedom and control than other SaaS eCommerce platforms - Integrations with leading eCommerce apps like Nosto, YotPo, ShipperHQ, Springbot, ShipStation, TaxJar and dozens more. Zoey was founded in 2015 and is headquartered in New York, NY.