• 2013 November 01

Company Description

A web-based business system with booking, entry, webshop, cash register and app for training facilities and operated by Zoezi.

Zoezi AB was started in 2013 by Mikael Andersson and Markus Johansson as Running Systems AB. The Gym System product was created primarily as an ordering job for one of their first customers, but over the years it has been developed and adapted to a wide range of customers in the training and healthcare industry. The business idea is to offer easy-to-use and user-friendly plant control that handles the sale of training cards and booking of training pass via the web and at checkout, locking with and without locked doors, plant schedules and staff and with access from any device. In addition to CEO Mikael Andersson and Chief Developer Markus Johansson, the team consists of our salesman Viktoria Ringlander and the developer Oleg Nechaev and support Sebastian Brindmark.