• 2012 October 22

Company Description

ZOGSURE: 'Pure' P2P Car Insurance

What are we about? ZOGSURE is a tiny start up company founded on the 22nd of October 2012 with the simple goal of making car insurance simpler, cheaper & better. We’re going to revolutionise the entire car insurance market, taking on the major players at their own game. It will not be easy! So why are we doing it? We here at ZOGSURE don’t like the way that the current car insurers do things, for too long traditional car insurers have gotten away with elaborate guesswork, putting customers in boxes based on meaningless facts & we let them! But what if it wasn’t insurance? What if they were deciding your career? What if you were forced to be a painter just because you were over six foot tall with long arms? Would you let them put you in a box? No, we wouldn’t either! This is why ZOGSURE are ditching the boxes & ditching the guesswork for good. Now is the time for change. Join our team, become part of the revolution, become a ZOGSTER.