• 2013 September 19

Company Description

Zoinla is a marketing app which utilizes the smartphone technology to capture members and provide a platform for merchants.

Zoinla utilizes the smartphone technology to provide a platform for merchants to engage with their loyal members. Membership cards have been our biggest enemies no matter to which outlet we go to. They will keep on giving us cards and if we forget to bring our membership card, they will continue to give us more cards. Zoinla serves to eliminate overflowing cards in your wallet and ensure the best experience you can get with Zoinla. You don’t need to physically go to your favorite store to know what promotion is going on but you get notified in your smartphone instantaneously. All you have to do is to subscribe to your favorite outlet and you can view the promotions or ongoing events. Saving time means saving money & beating that awful jam. Decisions, decisions, and more decisions. Cut down on all that time to think of where to go and what to eat and use Zoinla. Just relax where you already are and browse through the Zoinla's App directory for the food you want to eat or outlet you would like to explore. So what are you waiting for? Download Zoinla today, and start subscribing :)