• 2014 February 01

Company Description

Zolair is a micro-electric utility providing clean, affordable energy solutions for the developing world.

Zolair is a new energy company, headquartered in Vancouver, British Columbia, with its roots originating on the ground in South Africa and Namibia. Our innovative energy system has been developed over a 14-year period through a variety of small pilot projects, allowing us to deeply understand the needs and desires of off-grid communities, and to continually improve our technology and payment model. The Zolair team and technology are ready to change millions of lives in the developing world. Zolair's vision is to play an instrumental role in enabling light, education, employment and communications to off-grid communities, and creating positive social impact. Using our innovative and proprietary wireless prepayment platform, and PILA-1 energy system, Zolair is focused on providing clean, affordable, electricity for developing communities around the world.

  • Manufacturer:

    Information Technology
  • Formed:

    February 1, 2014
  • Founders:

    Rolf Papsdorf
  • Company Website:

  • Company E-mail:

  • Company Address:

    PO Box 1061
    Squamish, BC
  • CEO:

    • Rolf Papsdorf
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