• 2015 December 25

Company Description

Zolo is India's first talent marketplace where people get their professional and creative projects done by passionate individuals.

Discover thousands of talented passionate people ready to help you get anything done. Imagine having an army of people with variety of 'Specialised skills & unique talents' ready to help you complete your to-do list, finish your projects, solve your problems & help you achieve your goals in life. Zolo will soon have over 200,000 independent professionals with a wide variety of specialised skills across 500+ categories, in 50+ cities in India. Zolo provides freelancers, independent professionals & experts an amazing opportunity to build a side income by capitalising on their under-utilised time and talent. Zolo is one of the rare digital companies in India which is positioning itself for global success by enabling 'Local freelancers' from all walks of life to help them share their talent with the world and build a business around their passion.

  • Manufacturer:

    Data and Analytics
  • Formed:

    December 25, 2015
  • Founders:

    Satayu Basu
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  • Company Address:

    Sec-4, Noida, Uttar Pradesh
  • CEO:

    • Satayu Basu
  • We recognize our sponsors starting at $1 per entry.
    Learn more at https://www.ithistory.org/benefits