• 2014 February 13

Company Description

Artificial Intelligence, Virtual Reality And Health Tech - Software Development Company

We find ourselves driven, with a constant hunger to create and evolve. And over time many have tried to be a part of our creative kitchen, but they were not able to adopt to our culture – which is based on excellence and execution. So we find ourselves with a rare breed of minds, assembled to trust in each others integrity and co-leadership. Zombies, that have caught the same virus we today call simply inspiration. And such a virus is spread by our technology dishes we deliver, a global impact with a constant & continues spread. We specialize in the right ingredients such as artificial intelligence or virtual reality. A mixture combined with the void of ideas wanting to be realized, but such a dish requires the knowledge of timing, collaboration, growth and an agile foundation. The final product – a soup of engagement, addictive by design. In its DNA you can sense all of us, our hunger to impact the enduser experience and its viral spread.