• 2011 July 01

Company Description

Zomobo is a multi-linked, visual and module-based online encyclopedia providing related digital content from multiple sources in real time.

Zomobo is a real-time, multimedia and social encyclopedia with millions of articles providing dynamic, fresh information; itâ€s free to use and open for public participation, allowing users to discuss specific topics, post and answer questions, share relevant links or contribute in new creative ways. Zomobo presents organized results from Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, Flickr, Google News, Books, Blog Posts, and further contextual information, thus providing a quick, practical outlook for every topic. “Zomobo is an effective medium to find and explore online content about almost any topic, providing a didactic and intuitive way of learning. In every article you get a basic definition, the latest related news, videos, images, twitter messages and relevant links, thus providing a quick, practical outlook of the topic. Since real-time contents are ranked with the most recent coming first, Zomobo can give you new information each day - even if you are looking at the same article. Every article can also be commented, providing a space for people to share facts, relevant links and opinions.” The sources in most online encyclopedias are static. Take Wikipedia for example. User submitted articles on Wikipedia have fixed sources for their articles. A change in the source therefore can present a problem for that particular article.Hence the Article freezes until Changes are done by the user. Suppose there was an encyclopedia with the latest sources accompanying its article on a subject. Not only will that be a great help to the encyclopediaâ€s user, but it would make the article more reliable as well. Realizing the usefulness of such a search engine / encyclopedia and how beneficial it can be to internet users, Zomobo was born in the world of encyclopedias.Zomobo is a free to use Real Time Encyclopedia that updates and gathers the results of our query in real time. The advantage of this is that we get new / different results each time we execute a search, even if our keywords are the same.This makes it a Real-time search engine which is realy effective for a user to look for the latest are most relevant content. In addition to news and trending topics, the site has a simple search bar located at its homepage.Entering keyword in the search bar and starting our search quickly shows us gathered results from a variety of sources including social media sites and video hosting sites, in addition to standard search engine results.Zomobo combines Wikipedia results with real-time information from Twitter, YouTube and other information engines. Zomobo is a great web tool for those who want to learn something new every day, or for people who want to stay on top of any topic. Features: * Aggregates multiple web feeds about a topic. * Get information from Wikipedia, Google, Twitter, Digg, YouTube, and more. * Fast and seamless. * Free; no sign up required. * View and post comments for each entry. Visit:- http://zomobo.com/about.php for complete information about websites.