• 2008 April 01

Company Description

Zoodak is a fantasy stock trading, market analysis, and social networking platform that uses short-term stock trading.

Zoodak is a fantasy stock trading, market analysis, and social networking destination – all around the theme of short-term stock trading. Users can learn from one another, share investment ideas and compete for cash prizes. But what makes Zoodak unique is the integration of stock trading, market analysis and social networking in a very simple and intuitive format. Registration is free and users can choose to be ZooTraders, ZooAnalysts or both. ZooTraders create and manage virtual stock portfolios initially valued at $100,000 for 20 trading days. Unlike any other stock trading competition, Zoodak hosts monthly tournaments where you can sign up and start trading immediately. Your performance is ranked against other ZooTraders who created their portfolios in the same month. If your portfolio ends up in the top rankings, you win cash prizes. The prize money is significant. ZooAnalysts can make free stock predictions on a daily basis even after the markets close. All you have to do is choose a stock and guess if it will close up or down from its opening price. After posting 10 predictions you automatically get rated. You gain status based on the number and accuracy of your predictions. ZooPoints are awarded based on your rating; the higher your rating the more your earn. Anyone registered at Zoodak gets a ZooBoard which is their hub for connecting with friends, posting messages, and viewing portfolio details, transaction history and stock predictions. You can visit other peopleâ€s ZooBoard, see a snapshot of their portfolios and maybe make a connection to learn more about their strategies. With the Wall and Inbox features, you can communicate with users on a one-to-one basis or at a community level. According to data from the US Census Bureau and Forrester Research, there were approximately 50 million Americans investing online in 2008. Of this market, Zoodak is targeting to reach over a half a million registered users by 2014. This is based on actual competitor growth patterns and population growth curves. Zoodak is for people interested in the stock market who like to learn from the power of community and who want to have fun without the risk. If you want to play stock market games, improve your short-term stock investing skills, share your stock market analysis ideas, build a network to learn from and compete against others in a virtual stock exchange, all while making money doing it, Zoodak is Your New Exchange.