• 2014

Company Description


Zoodazzle has developed a technology to address a need in the rapidly expanding gaming market. Their technology, GameCarver, is an innovative piece of software that vastly simplifies gaming production, resulting in shorter development cycles, with a lower risk of overruns. With GameCarver, customers build games for all major smartphones and social media sites using technology (patent pending) that allows a completely visual design process. Their focus is on providing users of all technical levels, both artists and software engineers, with a common platform to collaborate on game design. No other tool exists that allows game authoring with the same collaborative workflow. The online games market has had phenomenal 35% year-on-year growth over the previous 3 years, with predictions that the market will double to US$12bn by 2014. Zoodazzle is well positioned to exploit outstanding growth in the gaming sector with a product that offers strong value propositions for developers for both app stores and social media sites.