Company Description

ZooGue is an online deals shop for Cell Phone Case/Cover for Apple.

Since the age of 10, Tim Angel has been an inventor. Always coming up with new innovative ideas. In December 2009, Tim Angel suddenly lost his job do to company issues. Tim Angel was supposedly partial owner of the company but because it was never officially put on paper, Tim was entitled to nothing. Wiith no severence from his company, Tim Angel had no choice but to go his own way. With no highschool diploma, but with a lifetime of business experience, (Due to his fathers amazing Entrepeneur backround) it was still hard for Tim to find a job. In January 2010, Tim Angel found himself waiting in line outside of UPS in hopes of securing a job. Tim was hired later that day. While driving home, Tim realized his job at UPS would only be enough money to pay his phone bill and possibly his gas for the month. Less than an hour after being hired, Tim called UPS and quit. Tim decided there was only one way for him to pay the bills and feel fulfilled. So, he chose to be self employed. Tim immediately started reselling many different things on Ebay, Amazon and Ecrater as a temporary job. In the meantime, Apple announced the release of the Ipad. Tim immediately saw a great business opportunity, but he also knew there was going to be an extreme amount of competition. Tim knew he had to create a better, high quality multi use ipad case/stand at an affordable price. After weeks of brainstorming, and creating his own prototypes, Tim finally reached his goal of finishing his final prototype at 5:00 in the morning after working on it all night. He needed to focus all his time on this company so he decided to sell everything he owned and put the money towards the company. Two weeks later, Tim had a committed investor and was ready to start his new company. Tim left for a month to China on March 16th 2010, to source a manufacturer for his product. Tim now has launched his case and is working with his employees to create more marketing techniques and he is working on creating accessories.