• 2014

Company Description

zooKKs is a carpooling platform for daily commuters.

zooKKs is a platform for daily commuters to easily connect with locals and carpool between home and work. Imagine this like “Airbnb” for carpooling between drivers & passengers. zooKKs displays the list of people who live and work in the same locations along with their commute timings. This way, users have an option to pick their own partner to share the ride. In every city, 'Rush hour' traffic occurs due to huge number of commuters driving in the same direction at the same time of the day. So be sure that there are plenty of people going on your way or to your destination. So, why not you use this opportunity to earn money or get stress free rides. Remember, the world is entering in to 'Sharing Economy' now. If you are commuting to work everyday then zooKKs is for you.