• 2009 August 19

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Internet Simplifing Desktop

Zookrr is a site that allows users to have a simplified experience when browsing the web. Zookrr's mission pledges to make your Internet experience as easy and convenient as possible” truly does make surfing the web very much a faster, easier, and more enjoyable task. Zookrr allows its user to access the already most popularly used sites on the internet, with the innovation of movable and sizable windows within the body of the easy navigated site. The Zookrr Desktop is the infrastructural and core component of the site as it allows users to access the multiple sites they want to visit. Users can navigate through the Desktop by either clicking on one of the larger icons posted in the form of applications the center of the page; also through links in the Dock hovering below the pages boarder advertisement space. The Dock is home to the rest of these “third party” site applications. Other cool features include a customizable photographic background option. The inclusion of internet “Cookies” is also used to store users passwords directly on their computers, making it so logging on to Zookrr means users are already logged in, thus speeding up the process of surfing the web even further. Zookrr has already made local news, acclaimed by one reporter to be a site set to rival some of today's greatest.It's straightforward design permits the ability for virtually any and everyone to enjoy the site, specifically those who crave for simplicity and the ability to multitask within ones daily routine. Centralizing the competence of ones everyday internet usage into one simple and easy to use place. It literally has everything one can ask for in a website.

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    August 19, 2009
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