• 2012 October 18

Company Description

Connecting students differently through the next era of smart classrooms.

It's very frustrating not to have the opportunity to establish relationships with a potential friend, just a professional connection or even to have the option to choose with whom I want to team up for that next big project. That's about to change with Zooloom. Propelling students in the next era of education, Zooloom is creating a smart hub, exclusive to students, inside every one of their classes within which students can help each other, discuss or create private groups for easy collaboration. By offering the opportunity for different student services to precisely target students according to their field of study and classes, we want to create a new smart class by pushing valuable information instantaneously inside their hub, whether it’s related to their actual class, field of study or inside their campus. Our team promises to offer the best of both worlds in a disruptive way: to live the best student experience on the campus and to get amazing academic results, uncompromising.