• 2014 April 01

Company Description

ZOOM Platform aims to design, create, and publish traditional and interactive entertainment with a Generation X transmedia appeal.

ZOOM’s mission is to design, create, and publish traditional and interactive entertainment with a Generation X trans-media appeal. ZOOM’s products are distributed digitally via, ZOOM Platform, along with non-exclusive third party content from both major publishers and indies with a catalog spanning the classics to new releases. ZOOM has a world-class management team with veterans from all facets of the entertainment and technology industries including: Bernie Stolar (Atari, Google, Mattel, Sega of America, and Sony Computer Entertainment America) and Bernie Gilhuly (One World Networks, Tribe Management Partners, and at present, LL Business Management). ZOOM’s Chief Executive Officer and Founder, Jordan Freeman, conceived the ZOOM Platform project and built its first prototype. He also formed the Jordan Freeman Group development arm of the Company, which focuses on building franchises around ZOOM technology. These franchises are, and will be, published and distributed on ZOOM Platform. Before ZOOM, Freeman was Founder and Chief Technical Officer at Head 2 Head Gaming. ZOOM’s Executive Chairman, Bernie Stolar, is a 30+ year veteran of the video game industry. As the first EVP of Sony Computer Entertainment America, Bernie helped introduce the PlayStation to the gaming world. As President/COO of Sega, Bernie led the launch of the Dreamcast console, the most successful console launch in the history of the industry. Stolar was also Google’s Games Evangelist after the acquisition of his Firm, AdScape Media. ZOOM’s Chief Financial Officer, Bernie Gilhuly, CPA, was previously SVP at One World Networks, CFO at Tribe Management Partners, and at present is a Managing Partner at LL Business Management. Bernie brings 20+ years of experience in entertainment industry finance to ZOOM. ZOOM Platform Media is an exciting new venture co-founded by 3D Realms legend, Scott Miller, and ZOOM Platform CEO, Jordan Freeman. The Firm has been established to support ZOOM Platform's current momentum and facilitate further growth. The entity's primary initiative is to create and incubate original intellectual property for the video game and film markets in cooperation with well-known Hollywood stars. Additionally, the Firm has strong interest in established film and TV based intellectual properties. ZOOM Platform Media's Co-Founder/Co-Chairman, Scott Miller, pioneered digital distribution, episodic gaming, and the game demo with his company, formed in 1987, Apogee Software. The Apogee Software team co-created Wolfenstein 3D in 1992, which gave birth to real-time First-Person 3D shooters, the most prevalent form of gaming today. In 1994, Miller co-founded 3D Realms, a leading episodic and online-based games studio. With the 3D Realms team, Miller co-created and co-designed three major game franchises, with sales totaling over 18 million units: Duke Nukem, Max Payne, and Prey. In 2002, Miller negotiated the sale of the Max Payne IP to Take-Two Interactive in a deal totaling $48 million, the first deal of its kind in the industry. In 2008, Max Payne would become a 20th Century Fox motion picture starring Mark Wahlberg. Scott also co-founded the publishing company, Gathering of Developers, which in 1998 was sold to Take-Two Interactive. ZOOM Platform offers developers with publishing and development assistance services, and helps publishers with digital distribution and traditional boxed retail of their games. ZOOM Platform was launched in 2014, and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jordan Freeman Group, which was founded in 2010.