• 2010 September 03

Company Description

Zympi is a Southern California based Corporation provides Patent pending white label marketing solution.

Zympi enables marketers to collect and view big mobile data that delivers actionable intelligence. Our API enabled Hyper Local advertising solution offers publishers advanced ad monetization models, and allows marketers to build and target the most relevant user for their ad campaigns while protecting consumers’ privacy. By identifying favorable consumer behavior for a product or services via location specific user data for ads/promotions, we enable publishers to gain ad monetization and allow advertisers the opportunity to target their audience more intelligently. Solution * Real time Location based Marketing – Patent pending smart algorithms delivers insights on relevance gap in Hyper Local mobile marketing. Publishers and Location Based Mobile App developers gain access to our platform through integration of Zympi Engine with their existing ad platforms. Hyper Local targeting is based on passive consumer data profiling through analysis of their anonymous behavior and demographic data. * Insight Reporting & Analytics – Enables partners & publishers to target most relevant demographics for specific product and services and reduce cost by proactively controlling their ad campaigns as a result of in depth reporting. * Market Segment Differentiators – Empower rich passive mobile device user data to target advertising on the mobile space, focusing on individual granularity, value-based audience reports, real-time engagement and precision.