• 2011 November 30

Company Description

Zynstra is transforming edge computing at the retail edge.

Zynstra is transforming edge computing at the retail edge. Its Intelligent Infrastructure is specifically designed and built for the retail edge, not the datacenter. It leverages intelligent automation to transform the way thousands of distributed sites are managed. By choosing Zynstra, the retail edge becomes the source of your competitive advantage in an era where superior customer experience is not only a great-to-have, but a must-have. You establish a lasting platform where new innovative apps and services are tested and launched to delight consumers at the retail edge, all while driving down operational costs and better managing risk. With its DNA deeply rooted in edge software products, Zynstra provides purpose-built edge infrastructure for the world’s largest, most distributed, innovation-driven enterprises. Zynstra is a strategic partner of HPE in delivering intelligence infrastructure – under the HPE Proliant Easy Connect brand – and is based in the United Kingdom.