• 2016

Company Description

Zyston, a new company providing strategic information security advisory services

Founded in 2016, Zyston is a strategic information security advisory firm offering tailored solutions that allow corporations across the globe to make informed, intelligent decisions when it comes to their organization's most mission-critical assets. Zyston exists to help business leaders navigate a complex market of software vendors and instead focus on the alignment of security to tangible business needs. Zyston believes the DNA of an effective information security program is wrapped around knowing your business, understanding the threat landscape and developing sustainable programs that combat potential attacks. Zyston also delivers the human capital expertise required to implement and execute strong and sustainable information security programs. Simply put, the team at Zyston – which includes former CISOs of Fortune 250 organizations and leading industry authorities – provides clarity around complexity, equipping clients with the knowledge and skills needed to confidently and effectively protect their organizations.