• 2006 June 24

Company Description

Zyxware is one of the largest exclusive Drupal companies based out of India

Zyxware Technologies was born out of a deep desire to contribute to the formation of a compassionate and just society. We derive our motivation from a vision of a compassionate and just society. With Zyxware Technologies, we are engaged in building a platform from which we can launch many initiatives that can help in realizing that vision. Since 2006, Zyxware Technologies has been developing Drupal Applications and providing Free Software clients to clients across the world. It also actively contributes to the spreading Free Software in Kerala. In Drupal, we are the largest code contributor from India. We are a Drupal.org listed service provider. Our exposure extends to branding websites, media websites, e-Commerce, training portals, ERP Solutions, Software as a service (SaaS), project management workflows, Drupal migration. We have worked with governments, businesses, non profits, media companies and universities. Our services including web site development, third party integration, drupal consulting, drupal migration, deployment, design, e-commerce, front-end development, mobile site development, multisite installations, performance tuning & optimization, security reviews, SEO, site audits, support, theming, upgrades, google analytics API integration. Our contributions to spreading Free Software and its philosophy includes Request CD Programme, Freedom Walk (www.freedomwalk.in), Freedom Toaster (www.freedomtoaster.in), contributions to Policy Advocacy