• 2010 July 01

Company Description

Machine learning stock recommendations

ZZAlpha LTD provides daily recommendations of stocks and ETFs that are likely to go up (or down) in value over the next week, using an objective, proprietary machine learning technique. It supplies four key forecasts for large ETFs: In or Out of market, Value or Growth, Large or Small Cap, and Best Sector, with historic returns over 13%. It supplies recommendation portfolios across 40 market segments (3000 stocks) with historic returns over 20%. Only liquid, US exchanged traded stocks and ETFs are considered. Each night the ZZAlpha machine learning technique processes over half a billion pieces of market data to learn the current dynamics of the market, and to place those in historical context. Historic returns have statistical confidence exceeding 3 sigma (ETFs) and 8 sigma (stocks), calculated from large Monte Carlo simulations. The ZZAlpha work proves the efficient market hypothesis is false, and that market timing can be effective. Subscribers are professional investors.