• 1999

Hardware Description

Alcatel BC2 was specially built for Barclaycard (now Visa) as a promotion and given to their business customers. It could be used with a standard Cellnet sim card, but if the Barclaycard sim was used the phone could be used for an early form of telebanking. Below is the part of the user manual explaining this. Unusually the printing on the card was across it; normally these cards were printed lengthways. Most of the rest of the operation of the phone is fairly standard. To find the menu from the default screen press the down arrow key until the menu icon appears in the bottom left hand corner and then press the soft key just below it. That is button on the top left hand side of the keyboard. This will then give access to the menu. In the UK, this model has several names HD2, Cellnet C2, Barclaycard BC2. The BC1 was a similar special promotion based on the Motorola MicroTac range.