• 1985

Hardware Description

The CPC664 features 64 kB RAM and an internal 3-inch floppy disk drive. It was introduced in May 1985 in the UK. Initial suggested retail prices for the CPC664 were GBP339.00/DM1198.00 with a green screen and GBP449.00/DM1998.00 with a colour monitor. After the successful release of the CPC464, consumers were constantly asking for two improvements: more memory and an internal disk drive. For Amstrad, the latter was easier to realize first, with a deliberately low-key introduction of the CPC664. It was positioned not only as the lowest cost disc system, but also the lowest cost CP/M 2.2 machine at the time. However, it was not supposed to replace but complement the CPC464 which, upon launch of the CPC664, was neither discontinued nor reduced in price.