Hardware Description

Apevia’s X-Superalien aluminum case is a killer PC gaming case, both on its cool look and phenomenal performance. Fully loaded with tons of great features-front USB, audio, Firewire ports for easy multimedia connections, front LCD temperature readout to monitor and prevent overheating of your system/components, 2 x front fan speed controllers to reduce fan noises while maximizing cooling capacity, 2 x security locks on front and side panels, 12 x drive bays and 7 x expansion slots for extreme use and any future upgrades, 6 x UV blue LED cooling fans to create the coolest look and provide absolute cooling, a fully sleeved extreme cool mighty 500W aluminum see-through power supply easily handles every given task, slide in rail system makes it easy to swap out 5.25" devices, removable motherboard tray and 3.5" drive bays makes installation quick and simple, 4 x snap-in UV fan mounts add more charm to an already gorgeous looking chassis, fold in/out case feet increase stability of the case. Hey, it's an ultra light yet durably constructed heavy-duty aluminum chassis with a large see-through window and available in 6 outrageous colors! No need to purchase other parts to dress or function up this case, the X-Superalien has got everything in it for the extreme usage and applications.