Hardware Description

Apevia’s X-Navigator aluminum case is top of the line chassis in the market. Fully loaded with max cooling and multi-function design. It’s ideal for gamers and PC enthusiasts. It’s an eye-catching chassis that draws lots of compliments and attention. Top quality durably constructed aluminum case designed with great features to meet today's extreme needs and future's unlimited expansion. Comes with a 500W aluminum see-through power supply with fully sleeved wires in UV green material and UV green molex connectors. The power suppy is not just a stunning beauty itself, it powers like a horse. Five built-in LED case fans provide superior cooling and magnificent light for the coolest look. Easy accessible front USB2.0 and Firewire 1394 ports meet all your modern needs. The built-in LCD temperature readout monitors your system's thermal status and prevents overheating. Lockable front panel and side panel secure your privacy and documents. Each X-Navigator aluminum case comes with two additional sets of changeable faceplates, which allows you to change the front panel of your case to fit your mood and personal decor. Slide in rail system makes it easy to swap out 5.25" devices. Removable 3.5" drive bays makes installation quick and simple. There are too many great features to be mentioned. You get everything you can think of all in this spectacular X-Navigator aluminum case.