Hardware Description

Behold the X-Navigator Aluminum Case! Aspire's talk-of-the-industry gaming chassis combines incredible LAN party bells and whistles, best-in-the-business cooling, and more perks than you'll ever see on a case at this price. Check out the awesome gamer-pleasing features. See-through acrylic cover made of fire-resistant material. Multi-color coated components and PC board. Green UV sensitive wiresleeve and connectors. 13 quick-release drive bays - including four 5.25-inch and nine 3.5-inch. Quick release side panels. Front USB and FireWire ports. Built-in fan controller. Cable tube-tied wires for neatness! This beautifully designed, durably constructed aluminum case accomplishes everything you need to maximize an extreme PC system. Dynamite gaming aesthetics. Superior ventilation. Superb accessibility. Remarkable expandability. And amazingly low price. And it comes complete with a mighty 500 Watt ATX aluminum power supply with a very cool, clear top panel.