• 2003

Hardware Description

The new SuperServer 6023L-8R provides you with all the tools you need to succeed in today's ever-changing marketplace. The expertly designed 2U chassis is ideal for high-performance systems with its exceptional thermal control architecture providing abundant cooling for two high-speed Xeon processors and six hot-swap SCSI HDDs. Performance and reliability is assured with dual Intel Xeon Processors of up to 3.06GHz with a 512K L2 cache, up to 12 GB of DDR-266/200 memory, Adaptec AIC-7902 Ultra320 SCSI controller, the latest Broadcom 5704 dual Gigabit LAN, four hot-plug redundant fans, and a hefty redundant 400W power supply. This 2U high-density rackmount solution is pre-configured for optimal performance right out of the box, minimizing the setup time, fine-tuning and resources required. Sophisticated management software is included to ensure that the SuperServer 6023L-8R is simple to configure, deploy and manage on a day-to-day basis. Key applications include server clustering, e-business, front-end server, database applications, business critical applications, and primary server for mid-size companies.