Software Description

If you loved the look and feel of Diablo or other Ultima adventures, you are going to love Ultima Online. In Ultima Online you are in a virtual world were you play with thousands of different people all around the world. In Ultima online you are just not forced with one character you have the capability of choosing your own sex, color of skin, hair color and style, facial hair color, and choosing your own skills where you can be a blacksmith and make your own weapons and armor, a fisherman catch your own fish and sell them, a warrior and fight other players and monsters, an animal trainer were you can tame animals such as a horse that you can ride through out the world, and many more. While learning various traits your character will become skilled and stronger, however, if you happen to slain other players, your status will be marked, and you will become hated by other town citizens. In Ultima Online, you are not just stuck in one location, you have the capability of building your own ships, sailing across the sea, having sea battles, and getting on other islands to sell goods or securely trade goods without having to worry about others stealing what you are trying to trade, but be cautious in town as other players can steal your items. However, when this occurs, yelling GUARDS causes guards to come and kill the individual; watch out for the wilderness as guards cannot protect you far from town. This world is ever evolving, with additional game add-ons this game is sure never to get old. The only down side of the game is because the servers will be keeping information about you and your character and other online information and services, there is a monthly charge for game play; however, when purchasing the game you do get 90 days free.