• 1988

Software Description

Kings Quest 4: The Perils of Rosella was first released in 1988 was a very successful game. Which included new support for optional audio cards and was the first 3-D Animated Adventure to use Sierra's improved graphics system, and allow the player to use a mouse to move their character around the landscape. In King's Quest 4: The Perils of Rosella King Graham is hanging up his adventurer's cap for good! With his beautiful queen at his side and his kingdom momentarily at peace, he prepares to pass that symbol of his questing youth to one of his two children. But before he can speak, he collapses, struck down by a fell magical disease! Now his fate lies in the hands of his daughter Rosella, who must journey to a faraway land on a frantic search for the one item that can save her father from certain death. Bug when Good and Evil vie for the throne of Faerie, you can bet that no task is as simple as it seems. Soon, the ailing Faerie Queen has Rosella on a quest of her own, to stop an evil sorceress from taking over. Only by saving the faeries can Rosella save her father - but who's going to save Rosella from ogres, witches, and ghosts?