• 1992

Software Description

Kings Quest 6: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow released in 1992 was a great Epic not only in the Adventure gaming but also what was to be the new age of multimedia computers. In Kings Quest 6: Heir Today, Gone Tomorrow Prince Alexander sits in the throne room of Daventry, longing for the beautiful Cassima. Suddenly, just as it had done a score of years ago for his father, the magic Mirror sprang to life to show him an image of his beloved. But one look at her distraught face made it clear that something terrible had happened to her! Immediately, Alexander sets off by ship for her home - the Kingdom of the Green Isles. Rather unfortunately for Alexander, the Green isles are surrounded by rocks and reefs, and he is shipwrecked. Washed up on the shore with little more than his signet ring and a single coin, he must unravel the twisted schemes of an evil vizier, restore the kingdom to its rightful rulers, and win back Cassima's heart... before she is married to someone else!