Software Description

Zuken’s E³.series is a software for the creation of electrical and fluid designs, for wiring, harnesses, cable assemblies, control panels, hydraulics and pneumatics. It is ideal for designing interdependent systems (i.e. electrical and fluid) in one project environment. Founded in 1987 as CIM-Team GmbH, the Ulm-based company has continually expanded its skills in electrical and fluid CAD software amongst others by the acquisition of the product rights to ABB-CADE’s CADES-G, CoCreate’s DDS-C and TCS’s VARCAD/promis. In the year 2001, CIM-Team brought its electrical CAD software E³.series to market maturity.In 2006, Zuken obtained a controlling interest in CIM Team.The renaming of the company to Zuken E3 GmbH took place in 2009.