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Mechanical integrators for differential equations were designed by the Italian mathematician Ernesto Pascal, who called them "integrafi", and published details in 1914. However, the first widely practical version of such a machine was constructed by Harold Locke Hazen and Vannevar Bush at MIT, 1928?1931, comprising six mechanical integrators. In the same year, Bush described this machine in a journal article as a "continuous integraph". When he published a further article on the device in 1931, he called it a "differential analyzer". In this article, Bush stated that "[the] present device incorporates the same basic idea of interconnection of integrating units as did [Lord Kelvin's]. In detail, however, there is little resemblance to the earlier model." According to his 1970 autobiography, Bush was "unaware of Kelvin?s work until after the first differential analyzer was operational."
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    1980 February 21
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    Noted for contributions in differential analyzers
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