• 1939 September 02
    (b.) - ?


After university Jacobson started working at Ericsson until April 1987, when he started Objective Systems. A majority stake of the company was acquired by Ericsson in 1991, and the company was renamed Objectory AB. Jacobson developed the software process OOSE at Objectory circa 1992. In November 2005, Jacobson announced the Essential Unified Process or ?EssUP? for short. EssUP is a new ?Practice? centric software development process that stands on the shoulders of modern but established software development best practice. It is a fresh new start, integrating successful practices sourced from the three leading process camps: the unified process camp, the agile software development camp and the process improvement camp. Each one of them contributes different capabilities: structure, agility and process improvement.
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    1939 September 02
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    Known as a major contributor to UML, Objectory, RUP and aspect-oriented development
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